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  • Category: Business, Product, Leadership
  • My Role: Co-Founder, Director of Product
  • Project Title: Product Studio Initiative
  • Project Date: Oct 2021 to Feb 2023
  • About:
  • Assembling this talented and dedicated team from the ground up has been my gratest achievement so far. I used to be a consultant at Odyssey before officially joining the company. Odyssey is an immigration firm based in British Columbia, and I identified an opportunity to establish a product studio to streamline MVP development for their Startup-Visa applicants. I proposed a plan to the CEO, and convinced him to found a product department in September 2021.
  • Building a strong team was critical to the success of this initiative, and I am proud that successfully formed a team of 14+ professionals, including PMs, designers, developers, and ML engineers. Together, we developed state-of-the-art AI-powered products for businesses looking to expand to the North American market. Our responsibility was delivering fully functional MVPs and helping clients achieve product-market fit, resulting in successful partnerships with 6 business customers during my tenure at the company.
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