Portfolio | Together App

  • Category: Product, Technical
  • My Role: Product Designer, Developer
  • Project Title: Mobile App Development
  • Project Date: Sep 2018
  • Project URL: www.youtu.be/8fWDV9jpIlc
  • About:
  • As the founder of Together, I had to wear many hats and oversee various aspects of the business, including design and development. Together with my team of two engineers, I led the development of our mobile app using Java, Android, ASP Web API, Redis, and PostgreSQL.
  • One of my proudest accomplishments in this process was driving a 100% increase in user retention, resulting in over 2,000 meetups per month. This was achieved through regular usability testing and iterative improvements to the User Experience. Over the course of a year, we conducted 27 usability test sessions and released 6 primary updates based on user feedback.
  • Our efforts were well-received by our users, as reflected in the positive feedback and high rating we received during the time the app was available on Google Play, where it got a rating of 4 out of 5. I invite you to check out our app demo via the link provided.