Portfolio | Together App

  • Category: Business
  • My Role: Founder, CEO
  • Project Date: Jul 2016 to Jan 2019
  • Project URL: www.youtu.be/3L62-Lv92t0
  • About: Together was a location-based mobile app designed to connect like-minded individuals and facilitate on-demand meetups. My vision was to create a happier world by fostering positive social connections, and we succeeded to acquire 60K downloads and 20K monthly active users. Moreover, we raised 5,000 USD in seed fund from the joint venture of SAMSUNG and AmirKabir university. Sadly, the app was eventually banned and therefore discontinued in April 2019, due to government regulations.
  • Honors & Awards:
  • - Startup Istanbul 2018: Among 93,000 applicants globally, we made it to the top #70 to pitch on the stage.
  • - Estonian Startup Visa: We were accepted into the Startup Visa program, which recognizes promising startups and provides them with support to establish their business in Estonia. Although we decided not to pursue the opportunity.
  • - VC Cup Award: Together ranked #4 out of 220 businesses at the 7th VC-Cup competition held by Sharif University of Technology, a leading institution in the field of tech and innovation in Iran.