Portfolio | Snapp!

  • Category: Product
  • My Role: Product Manager
  • Project Title: Automated Driver Surge Communication (MVP)
  • Project Date: Fall 2021
  • Project URL: www.slideshare.net/HamedShams2/prd-driver-surge-communication
  • About:
  • This high-effort high-impact item had been in our backlog at Snapp ever since we developed the Surge Pricing system, but had remained there for over a year due to its unclear business impact and the effort required from multiple squads. After conducting an A/B test and gauging the potential gains, I defined a minimum viable version with a smaller scope. To ensure proper alignment among stakeholders (including the commercial team and multiple product squads) I prepared a detailed Product Requirement Document (PRD) before breaking down the project into smaller stories. This allowed me to prioritize this long-standing item and validate its impact without risking considerable resources.
  • This PRD showcases my ability to effectively communicate complex technical concepts and align stakeholders in a collaborative environment, as well as my expertise in A/B testing and proposing technical solutions to minimize the project's scope. By breaking down the project and defining an MVP, I was able to prioritize the item and minimize potential risks.