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  • Category: Business
  • My Role: Co-Founder
  • Project Title: DoRank Game Nights
  • Project Date: Aug 2017 to Jan 2018
  • About:
  • During my entrepreneurial journey, there was an interval when we ran out of money and couldn't afford the expenses to run the Together App anymore. Besides, we did fail to grow our user base despite the new features we developed. We realized some event organizers are using our platform to share their events and get leads. Thus, we decided to become an organizer ourselves not only to finance the startup but also to get a deep understanding of our potential customers.
  • In 6 months, we organized 90 game nights in partnership with 5 cafes, leading to a 200% boost in their sales during the low-demand hours. Our competitive edge was ranking the players across events through implementing a simple leaderboard, which dramatically increased customer retention compared to the other organizers. Consequently, we succeeded to finance our startup until we raised a seed investment from the SAMSUNG-AUT Tech.
DoRank Game Nights